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According to ASK INSIDER DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS (AID) and the research that they have uncovered, understanding and applying these 3 Basics to our own health regimen is the key to Optimum Health, please read each one slowly, however, do not over simplify because then you won't employ an effective action plan.



1. The Collagen Matrix
2. The Acid/Alkaline Balance
3. The Hormonal Balance between the hormone insulin and growth hormone.

Your action plan will involve getting rid of your scurvy. We all have it. It is genetic. It is sub-clinical/chronic. It caused 1.2 million deaths in the U.S. alone last year. It will eventually kill each of us if we don't die from something else first or we don't take a few pennies worth of a simple powder, about which you will learn, daily. Your action plan will also include learning how to get enough oxygen back into your cells and how important it is to make muscle like a child. Now to the first basic.


The entire body is held together by a glue called collagen. Common examples of collagen are skin, tendons, ligaments, eyes, arteries, etc.

The health of the entire collagen matrix and, therefore, the entire body, is dependent on an ample, daily supply of usable ascorbate. We are not talking about simple ascorbic acid, sometimes called Vitamin C, we are referring to buffered mineral ascorbates, like those the body originally manufactured for itself.

Without sufficient usable ascorbate daily the matrix becomes stiff and brittle. Skin wrinkles; back aches; ligaments pull; the little sacs in the lungs get stiff; arteries crack.
Cracked arteries are scurvy. The victim bleeds to death internally. In sub-clinical scurvy, the body can manufacture enough lipoproteins (a), for a few years in some cases, to patch over the cracks. It's commonly called plaque. As the patch gets thicker, the vessel can no longer flex, resting heart rate increases and blood pressure gets high. Then somebody comes along and says "you've got high blood pressure. You have to get it down. Take this drug for the rest of your life. We'll worry about the side effects later."
The high blood pressure is a messenger from God. You have a problem. Don't shoot the messenger. The problem is the plaque, which is a response to the cracks which are caused by a deficiency of buffered mineral ascorbate. The scientific term is hypoascorbemia. It is simple and inexpensive to prevent. Add another little powder to the ascorbate and it can all even be reversed, safely. Note that there is only one proven way to do this and it is not with any drug. Later you'll learn this same basic prevents and/or reverses high blood sugar - diabetes. It all involves learning of that with which the body was created. As the prominent physician Dr. Lorraine Day attests, "You can't improve on God." One leading Medical School refers to the field as orthomolecular medicine - addressing health at the cellular level.
Later, we will get into the danger of drugs like Vioxx, Celebrex, Lipitor, Zocor, Coumadin, and Aspirin. We'll tell you where you can get these powders or what it takes to assemble them yourself. Before we do that, we will cover the next two basics.


The second basic is the acid/alkaline balance in the body. It is monitored by the pH which is regulated by the body's oxygen saturation level.

Advanced science names cancer as the most well understood degenerative disease, so consider this example: In order to create a cancer cell in the lab, technicians simply withhold oxygen from a healthy cell and it becomes cancerous within a few hours. Conversely, to kill the cancer, simply supply it with more oxygen than was withheld and it dies within a matter of hours. Remember that a cell cannot be cured of cancer; it must be destroyed. The trick is not to kill so many healthy cells that the body itself is destroyed. According to Dr. DeVita, the former head of the U.S. National Cancer Institute in Maryland, "5.8% of patients who undergo chemotherapy and 11.5% who receive radiation survive cancer free for the standard five year period." (These are the actual figures without manipulation.) The most exciting and credible research we have studied for raising the oxygen level is cesium and the doctors we have interviewed prefer cesium carbonate. Later, we will provide more questions/information that you can take to a doctor.
It seems timely to now relate a recent interview: Harold's father-in-law had been given four days to live and sent home by doctors. The man had throat cancer, could not speak, and swallowed only with great difficulty. The interview revealed that after a few days at home drinking cesium in liquid, the stricken man's voice would still be weak at the end of the day and he could only eat about half of a burger. Six months later, Harold reported that he felt God works in mysterious ways. He believed that had they been able to afford health insurance, his father-in-law would be dead. Instead, the man was headed to Costa Rica to teach modeling. Cases like this are called, by the medical community, spontaneous remissions and meaningless. (But not to Harold's family.) We mention this only to illustrate one example: the importance of the Second Basic.
Learn how to maintain the body in the oxygen rich balance to which it is born. God was not experimenting. We cover this more extensively later, but for your information, there is an article about a proposed drink powder. It is not yet in production, but if you have interest, we will let you know when we learn that it is.


The third basic is the hormonal balance between the hormone insulin and growth hormone.

People with the highest levels of growth hormone live the longest. Insulin is a storage factor and growth hormone (GH), is a production factor. When we consume sugar and grain products, our bodies flood themselves (tip the balance) with insulin and store these as fat. On the other side of the balance, GH converts nutritious foods and stored fats into energy and muscle. It also causes the creation of nitric oxide, which prevents thrombosis, simply myocardial infarctions, known simply as heart attacks and strokes. Also, remember that the National Institute of Health warned in 2004 that sugar feeds cancer.
This is so well proven that a Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery in 1998 and is now being taught in leading medical schools such as Columbia University.
One should not confuse this with the outdated practice of injecting human growth hormones, which are now considered irresponsible except in cases of genetic dwarfism.
We will cover this extensively later, along with questions we ask our doctors, and the components of generic Master Formula III, and the connection with the genetically missing enzyme aforementioned.

In a famous experiment that is related continuously through the years, the live heart of a chicken was placed in a petri dish. Each day it was supplied with fresh water containing a few little trace elements. Toward the end of the third decade, someone neglected to change the water and the little heart ceased to beat.

The bottom line is, would you like to know what little powders we added to our water to stay alive and vital; how we first assembled them and where we buy them now; the questions we asked doctors and the scientific proofs. And would you pay us a fraction of a penny for each hour of research and interviews we have done to save our own lives? Please don't ace us out. The powders are inexpensive but we are delighted to have to pay for them, too.

The above was an excerpt taken from the Ebook entitled "ASK A DOCTOR"

"Scientific Information That You May Not Be Able to Live Without"

DISCLAIMER - The information on this Weblog is provided for educational and informational purposes only. I am not a doctor and I am not attempting to prescribe, treat, or recommend and in no way is the information contained on this site intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation. The contents is based upon opinions of each respective author. The reader is encouraged to make their own health care decisions that can be based upon research and then partnering with their own health care professional. If you are ill please consult a qualified physician or appropriate health care provider.

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By Emjae Johnson - The 3 Basics to Optimum Health - The Seat of ASH Knowledge


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