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According to the Nobel Prize Winning Scientist, Linus Pauling, the entire human race is suffering from Hypo-Ascorbemia, or lack of ascorbate. This ascorbate deficiency leads to the formation of tiny cracks and fissures within the artery walls - causing each of us to slowly bleed to death internally. Our body, in its own intelligence, produces lipoprotein(a), more commonly known as plaque, forming a type of "plaster cast" within the interior of the cell walls. Without this plaque or "cast" we would eventually bleed to death internally.

Do you remember from your history classes about how the sailors who sailed the seven seas would die from scurvy? These sailors were all bleeding to death internally. Well, you could term Hypo-Ascorbemia as Sub-Clinical Scurvy.

Why Is It That Dogs Never Have Heart Disease?

Ascorbate is essential to the healing of the arteries, reconstruction of skin, ligaments, etc. Scientists claim that humans no longer produce their own ascorbates, but that they once did many, many years ago. In fact, there are only 4 animals that are known to not produce their own ascorbates: the fruit bat, the guinea pig, gorillas and humans. Have you ever wondered why dogs never get heart disease? It's because they produce their own ascorbates.

So Just What Is Ascorbate Anyway?

Ascorbate is more commonly known as Vitamin C. Unfortunately, there has been a whole lot of confusion on what the term "Vitamin C" is and its usage. Most forms of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid in its purest form and has a pH of only 3. Most people cannot tolerate larger dosages of Vitamin C as ascobic acid. Buffered Mineral Ascorbate (as Vitamin C) is more expensive to use but more bioavailable than ascorbic acid in its natural form, as it provides, among others, the crucial saline potassium benefits. They also help to deliver essential minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium) to the body in a very usable form.Buffered Mineral Ascorbates also ease gastrointestinal discomforts that have been known to happen when taking increased amounts of Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid. (Bioflavanoids taken along with Mineral Ascorbates have been proven to increase their efficacy many fold).

So, those of you that are taking Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, you have probably been under informed as many of us have. The Noble Prize Winning Research, which reported all the benefits of Vitamin C was actually referring to Buffered Mineral ASCORBATES and NOT ASCORBIC ACID. Read the label on your bottle of Vitamins for the source of its Vitamin C.

Buffered Mineral Ascorbates are available through ASK INSIDER DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS (AID) and are contained in their special (sold at an unusually low cost to their members).

Visit the following website -
Information on the works of Dr. Fred Klenner and Linus Pauling's Research on Vitamin C and the importance of ascorbates and how they function. Very extensive and informational site.

Visit the ASK INSIDER DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS (AID) website and learn about other health research (such as spoken of in this article). Hear from the people who have applied this previously "hidden" research to their own Health Management Regimen. You are never alone as we are all in this together.

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DISCLAIMER - I am not a doctor and I am not allowed give medical advice. The Law Prohibits me from doing this. I consider myself to be a researcher. Please understand that since I am not a medical doctor I cannot and will not attempt to treat, prescribe or recommend. However, I can share with others what I believe the products have done for me by my own experience and the re- telling of the experiences that others have had - this is the way we learn. I also can share scientific research and I do, and I also greatly encourage you to do your own research as well. If you are ill please see a doctor.

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By Emjae Johnson - Are You Cracking Up?...Or Are You Suffering from HYPO-ASCORBEMIA?


I think that mother nature is not stupid to leave us humans without ascorbates... if we just stop cooking them to death in our pots/pans/microwaves, I guess we will be OK. Be smart, eat your fruits/veggies/soaked nuts/sprouts raw! This alone will alkalize your body BIG TIME.

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