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Experts have told us that it is better and healthier for our bodies to be more alkaline than acid and one of the best ways to help raise your bodies pH is with broth -- you know, the kind your Grandma use to make. If you are among those who are trying to raise their pH and are also trying to avoid sugar and foods that the body treats like sugar, try this recipe that was found at ...
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...Select the largest cauldron (pot) you have in the house / apartment / tent. Clean your selection of vegetables but do not peel them. To the above we exclude the following: celery root (also called celery rave), all turnips and ruttabegas. Peel these.
Add to the cauldron the roughly cut vegetables; carrots, celery(complete with stalk and leaves), zuchini, bell peppers(cut in half with seeds and all), onions are whole with a slice in them.(do not cut through). garlic head (s) (complete) cut in half sideways. Ruttabegas and celery root cut in large chunks.
WARNING : do not include any of the cabbage family (brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, asperagus, spinach) as these release toxins as they are being blanched.

Omited intentionally is the quantities, as these will be determined as per your individual tastes.
The leaves from any green vegetable may be added to this broth. (mustard, collards, beetroot, romain lettuce ect...).
Fill cauldron to one inch (2 1/2 cm) from the brim with spring water. Bring to a boil skimming the froth on occasion. Boil to where the vegetables no longer have any taste which will mean that they have transfered their properties to the liquid.
For a consentrate, boil uncovered until the liquid level drops. For a regular broth, boil covered. Salt, pepper and herbs should be added about midway into the process.
The process takes about two hours. Read More of this Article...

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