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SERRAPEPTASE - Relieve Pain Naturally - Safe and Effective is an article that I wrote a few months ago which has been visited many times by many Internet surfers from the net. If you have not read it yet you may want to do so, by clicking on the above link, as it will give you a better understanding of serrapeptase and for the rest of this article.

Recently, I was enjoying some peanut butter, something I don't eat that often, but I had a taste for it so I bought some. I won't mention the brand, it is not important. What is important is that it contained Hydrogenated Fat! I usually read labels before I buy as this is one type of fat that I stay away from because from all the research I have read it is not something that the body can digest. The research leans to the fact that hydrogenated fats can coat the inside walls of all your arteries and this would greatly decrease circulation. I was so upset with myself for not having read the label!

I wondered about how many people eat food containing hydrogenated fats and are not aware of it.

Hydrogenated fats almost always appear in cake mixes, biscuit pancake and cornbread mixes, frostings, cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, donuts crackers, peanut butter (except fresh-ground), frozen entrees and meals, frozen bakery products, toaster pastries, waffles, pancakes, most prepared frozen meats and fish (such as fish sticks), french fries, whipped toppings, margarines, shortening, instant mashed potatoes, taco shells, cocoa mix and microwave popcorn. WHEW!..what a long list...and it is not at all complete. Of course, there is not an item on this list that will help raise your pH (as we have talked about the benefits of, so much on this site) but none of us are perfect...sometimes we will eat what is not good for us.

So, back to my original thought, I also wondered about how our arteries could possibly unclog from all of this build up of hydrogenated fat and so I did some research...and the answer is --- SERRAPEPTASE! According to the reserach it is believed that serrepeptase clears out all dead tissue AND fatty deposits in the arteries - this would include the hydrogentated fats.

So, I feel better now. I will just keep taking my serrapeptase and thanking God for Hans Nieper!

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By Emjae Johnson - SERRAPEPTASE and Hydrogenated Fats - Thank You Hans Nieper!


Hi i have a qeshchion for you do organic beans like kiddney beans leave a coating in the arteries like peanutbutter or hydrogenated fats.and what foods not thank you VeydenK

6:32 PM  

Not to my knowledge. Hydrogenated fats are not present in foods in their natural state. These types of fats are a result of particular types of processing of foods. Read your food labels to discover hydrogenated fats and processing.

Beans, in general, are one of the foods that our body treats like sugar once it is in our bodies so I would eat beans in moderation and balance the my diet with other low glycemic foods.

There is a new book out called "The 100 Year Lie" by Randall Fitzgerald. This is full of information that pertains to chemicals being added to our foods and more. Excellent reading. Can be ordered through this website or other book sellers:

Link to this book at
The Hundred-Year Lie

2:14 PM  

But peanuts have hydrogenated fats,and there nature?

3:54 PM  

Peanuts (or any other nuts) in their raw natural state have no hydrogenated fats or oils. If you are speaking of roasted or toasted or some other type of processing then it can be very likely that hydrogentated fats will be displayed on the label. Read the labels on foods. It is surprising what you can find. In modern food processing hydrogenated fats and oils are very common.

I hope this helps...keep reading your labels ;-)


6:57 PM  

How about corn,i've herded corn as more starch then potatos?

8:19 PM  

I was told wallnuts are a good souce of amaga three oils.Do thay put that in the nuts.

8:24 PM  

When you say instant mashpotatos,are thay diferant than raw "baked"?

8:29 PM  

Veyden, you have a lot of good questions. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so I do not know if corn has more starch than potatoes. But too much sugar or starches may be harmful to the body. So, eating too much of either corn or potatoes is ot a good idea. Everything in moderation.

You heard correctly, walnuts ARE a good source of Omega 3. Omega 3 is not added to walnuts, it occurs naturally, just as it does in salmon or many other types of fish.

As far as instant mashed potatoes, please read the label. Usually many other ingredients are added to the instant potatoes to improve flavor which may be chemically based. Our body does not need more chemicals so if it were me and I had a choice between the two I would choose the raw baked potatoe.

3:10 PM  

Hi i used serraptase for my sinnises and it really worked good.Do you thank it works as good on arteries as good as it works on sinnises? Wayne

6:55 PM  

According to the research of the Scientist who discovered it, Hans Nieper ( who was both a doctor and a scientist) it does help clear arteries. In his research, he showed that only a small amount everyday cleared the arteries within 18 months.

Recently, there is another enzyme that many have been using to clear also the fiberous tissue from inside the arteries. It is called Nattokinase and it is made from fermented soy beans (non GMO,of course). You can purchase it in a tablet form or, also, you can buy Natto from your local Asian Market.

Natto is Japanese fermented soy beans and it can be purchased frozen in small trays...usually 2 or 3 to a pack for only a few dollars. These packs also include some hot mustard sauce. I have read that it is quite tasty topped with some green onion. One or two tablespoons a day may make a world of difference. The soy beans are quite slimy once fermented and the taste may be an acquired one but the benefits may be worth it.

New research is pointing in the direction that heart attacks and related problems may be due to the fibrinogen in our arteries which may cause our blood to become too thick and clot, especially as we get older. The clots are, I have read, the real reason for the heart attack in combination with the plaque and not the "high cholesterol mania" that the medical industry would like us to believe.

So serrapeptase clears out dead matter in our system and Natto or Nattokinase clears out the fiberous tissue.

Thanks for the comment Wayne.

5:26 PM  

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7:58 AM  

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1:07 AM  

Thank you for kind information about remedy

8:21 AM  

Hydrogenated fat is added to commercial peanut butters to keep the oil from separating. It is not found in regular peanut butter, roasted or unroasted. There are several brands that do not contain hydrogenated fats.

5:16 PM  

Dr. Ray Sahelian has posted several emails from folks who's pain and muscle tightness got a LOT worse after taking serrapeptase enzyems, so he recommends limiting the dose to only 20,000iu's a day, for five days a week.

5:37 PM  

Hello Anonymous!

I am very well read of Dr. Ray Sahelian, I think he is one of the best doctors out on the internet, however, I have searched even through his most recent comments on all of his sites and I can find nothing to substantiate your post. The closest that I could find was this...

Q. I saw on your Web site that there is at least one other person who has had a very negative experience with this enzyme. I too was disappointed and shocked as it caused me extreme muscle and joint pain after two weeks. And it sounded like a product that could have really helped me. I took 2 caps serrapeptase (40,000 units each) on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast. I did this for about three weeks. After I stopped the serrapeptase I did notice some improvement, but it has been a week since then, and I'm still in a lot of pain, joints and muscles.

A. We find this strange since this potential serrapeptase side effect has not been mentioned in the medical literature, yet you are the second person who has reported it to us in the past 2 YEARS. We will keep monitoring this potential serrapeptase side effect.

However Anonymous, as I have read and learned over the years of using alternative health methods, that if I experience more discomfort with something new...I back off a little and go a little slower because I know that my body may be trying to cleanse of toxins and this can be uncomfortable if it happens too fast. Also, I usually try to break up the amount I take of anything because I view it as nutrition. Taking all of your nutrition at once to me is like eating all of your meals for the day at one time. I take my serrepeptase once in the AM and once in the PM...both on an empty stomach.

Thanks for your comment---

4:48 PM  

I will try to avoid Food containing hydrogenated fats! thanks for giving information specially "fact that hydrogenated fats can coat the inside walls of all your arteries".I hope many surfers can get it read and try to avoid eating food containing hydrogenated fats!

1:21 AM  

An EDTA product which is an acknowledged artery cleanser points out that you can observe particles in the urine which they say, are evidence of the walls of the arteries being cleansed.
I have been taking 40,000 units of Serrapeptase for a year to help with my artery blockage. 5cms in length,70% blocked in my thigh. Since then my walking distance has improved 100%.
Of course I had to check. Sure enough, plenty of specks, many perhaps 4 times the size of a pinhead, and resembling semi-transparent tissue paper.
I imagine any competent Urologist could confirm the origin of these particles. It would be a large encouraging boost to Serrapeptase users if they could be confirmed as evidence of the cleansing.
Your comments would be welcome.

6:11 PM  

Thank you for this John. I have never heard of this before but I would like to see for certain what a Urologist would say the particles are. If you know of a good one and you can find out this information please post it!


8:43 PM  

I'm very interested in taking Serrapeptase and Nattokinase. I recently han an Angioplasty done to clear an occlusion of an artery in my left leg. However, I'm concerned about the 'Enteric Coatings' of tablets and capsules. Are the coating materials safe, I'm wondering?
Michael U.K.

6:07 AM  

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