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I have very strong opinions here about pharmaceutical drugs and their potential dangers to the public, even under a doctor's care. They are chemicals and there is so little data on how these chemicals re-act with one another. Every year over 100,000 people in America die from taking prescription medication that was prescribed to them by their doctor and was taken exactly as recommended. This should make a lot of the public question what they are taking into their body and the rest of you should be angry about why very little is being done about it. Big Pharma is more interested in the safety of herbs, which by comparison, has been the cause of a less than one percent of these same statistics. They want you to believe, through their most clever marketing efforts, that these drugs are based on scientific studies and are safe. It is good to know that Amercians are waking up the truth and are now learning that the Pharmaceutical Industry is all about money first... saving lives is secondary at the very least.

Bill Moyers recently interviewed author Melody Petersen about the drug industry. She is a jounalist and has been researching and writing about the marketing tactics (and more) of Big Pharma for about 8 years now. The transcript of this interview will open your eyes to what you are really seeing on T.V. when you watch a drug advertisement. America is the only company in the world that allows drugs to be marketed to the end user...the person who cannot even buy them directly--- so why is that? You'll find out why after reading the interview.

Read Melody Petersen's "Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs" --- available through

DISCLAIMER - The information on this Weblog is provided for educational and informational purposes only. I am not a doctor and I am not attempting to prescribe, treat, or recommend and in no way is the information contained on this site intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation. The contents is based upon opinions of each respective author. The reader is encouraged to make their own health care decisions that can be based upon research and then partnering with their own health care professional. If you are ill please consult a qualified physician or appropriate health care provider.

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By Emjae Johnson - Bill Moyers Interviews Melody Petersen - Author of "Our Daily Meds" and the Marketing Tactics of Big Pharma to the American People


Hi Emjae. I lived in a home in FLA that had bad mold in it now I am MCS and I have been reading Toxic Relief By DR Don Colbert and The PH Miracle 2 awesome books and feel Im on the right path so far but open to suggestions.I also have a virus that has caused me problems because of my weak immune system. I read your intro with interest and was wondering is there a part of your site that expalins how you got healthy. I need to detox mold and chems from my body and strengthen my immune system basically.Your web site is great and I plan to read more!!!
Thanks Bob in NY

11:14 AM  

Hi Bob!

Bob, well, the entire site (and a few more things not yet posted) is what I believe helped me... speaking from my own experience, of course.

I too had viruses and MANY food allergies, as well as air born allergies -- which included molds. As far as the allergies, I used NAET - Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET was a long process for me because I had so many allergies, but I saw results right away. It was truly one of the most bizarre of any of the things I did. I never believed it would work -- I thought it was a joke [sorry for doubting you Devi], but it did work and very well! I have yet to write about my experience with it on this site but it is on my list of things to do!

I want to say here that NAET strengthened my understanding of Energy Medicine as it is, in many ways, related to it. Energy Medicine is something that I have been reading and studying for a very long time, but its time had not fully evolved until just recently. I will be adding many articles here on this site about what I have learned and experienced with what I believe is the best of the best of Energy Medicine in the near future. I will say that I agree with much of the science and with Dr. Oz that Energy Medicine will surpass medicine as we know it.

As for the majority of the rest of the problems I had, I would say that Advanced Scientific Health Research (ASH) helped me -- VERY MUCH INDEED! There are many articles on this site that support the research from Advanced Scientific Health as they are truly unique in what they do. Through Advanced Scientific Health Research I have been able to learn about how the body works to bring itself into balance. (Gee, I thought I knew everything given my background in alternative health methods -- [hangs head]).

The ASH formulas are (to me) the greater catalyst that helped me to feel so much better because of the support it gave to my immune system --- it was clear to me that it was giving my body what it needed...finally! You can visit their site and read more, if you haven't already done so at:

Bob, I had tried so MANY other things to try and achieve this and I pretty much gave up after about 10 years; it was then that I was "led" to Advanced Scientific Health. Their formulas, at first blush, may look un-remarkable, or ordinary...but they are not. I have found no other products like them...anywhere.

I had increased energy within a very short time (less than 2 weeks) of when I first started -- and then the next miracle for me was the reduction of the pain which was slow, but steady and for that I was so thankful.

Increase in energy may seem rather mundane to many, but for ten years prior to this I was lucky to be able to stay awake past about 5 or 6 in the evening...and even that was a strain. I would crawl into bed at this time and then push myself to go to work the next day -- only to repeat the same the next day. I will not elaborate further on this, as it is unbelievable to me that I could have lived through it... coupled with the extreme pain that I just could not get a vacation from. But only by the grace of God I am here to tell about it. I believe I was led of God to the road to health which began with Advanced Scientific Health -- and there are many more that feel the same as I do.

Bob, I also had a structural problem and this was finally resolved with the upper cervical correction or NUCCA. There is an article or two here on the site to read about this.

The upper cervical adjustment is also not widely known and I do believe that anyone in any kind of pain or is experiencing any type of imbalance in their body should explore this and seek out the advice of an upper cervical professional.

It does not take much to cause this problem; a small accident or even through the trauma of being born, the upper cervical alignment can go out of place and we cannot detect it because often the symptoms to not show up until years later. You must read the article NUCCA - When Can a Structural Problem Mimic Dis-ease? to understand what I am talking about. This mis alignment can often mimic symptoms of many dis-eases -- including those of immune problems.

ASH formulas can help with detox and also the MMS Mineral Supplement can help with detox. There is an article here on the site about the MMS Mineral Supplement. It is VERY inexpensive to try. I have had a lot of great feedback about it. They also have a lot of information about it that is in a book form -- or DVD (I have not reviewed the DVD as yet but I have heard it is awesome!)

Well, this is a long response to your comment -- and as I stated in the beginning, this entire site covers almost all that I did. It may seem like a lot, but it really is not. It is also very inexpensive by comparison to a lot of other things which were only mediocre in effectiveness -- at least in my situation which was dire.

For more specifics, please request a contact from me through the contact form on the Advanced Scientific Health Research Website and I would be happy to communicate with you further.

Bob, I hope this is of some help and I am glad you like my site...
it is my labor of love and it is still unfolding. :-)


11:31 PM  

I was wondering if you could tell me what influence salt has on ph? I just tested and am very acidic and I would guess I have been since I was about 13 (I am 30 now). But I have craved salt since that age. Salt and citrus/ sour fruits. I am going to work on my diet as per your suggestions. Thank you!

11:18 AM  

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