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We hear a lot about stress related diseases. In fact, every disease there is could be categorized as stress related. Stress which comes in many forms can cause an increase in acid in your body. If you have read other articles on this site, you have been introduced to research and information that a LOW pH, according to many scientists, is directly related to illness...over 250 illnesses, as a matter of fact. So, for many of us, especially ASH (Advanced Scientific Health) Members, we have learned that eating the right foods and taking the right combination and form of minerals willl raise our pH and this is excellent, but there are other ways that will raise your pH.

Things in our lifestyle other than food and drink can lower our pH because it causes DIS-EASE, or dis-comfort within the body. When your body is in a state of DIS-EASE, your acid level is rising and this causes even more discomfort and possibly even illness if the DIS-EASE is prolonged. Here is my list of what I believe can cause a state of DIS-EASE---
  • Poor Thoughts - This would include thoughts that are directed towards other people but also the poor thoughts that others have that you may come in contact with. Gossip, slander, words said in anger, sarcasm, and put-downs all contribute to us thinking poor thoughts. Whether you were the person who spoke the words, or the one that heard them spoken, both cause a state of DIS-EASE in our bodies.
  • Actions that Diminsh - By this I mean, things that we do to others and that others do to us that cause us to feel as though we are unimportant or worthless. We have become a society where treating other people in a flippant or rude manner has become fashionable, even the manner of choice. If you find this hard to believe just turn on your latest TV show and you'll hear one sarcastic remark after another, all in the name of humor. What has happened to honoring your mother and father? Why are parents provoking their children? Why are friends and family poking fun and putting each other down? Jokes and harmless pranks have a place but not when it diminshes the spirit of the person that is at the heart of the laughter. Realize that the things you do towards others speak louder than even the words you say.
  • Stressful Surroundings - Our surroundings have much to do with our state of comfort or DIS-EASE. We like particular surroundings and to the best of our ability we should try to surround ourselves with those things that we love and appreciate. FINE Art and FINE Music is a good start. Notice I did not say just "ART" or just "MUSIC" as there are types of ART and MUSIC that even though they are popular, may not be in harmony with our bodies. You will be able to easily tell when you come in contact with something that may cause you DIS-EASE. Use your common sense. If you are looking at a picture of someone screaming or deeply saddened does this cause you to feel uncomfortable? (Silly Question). Or also, if you're listening to music that has lyrics that is telling you to give up on life because you just lost your lover...this is not comforting to hear and so also not comforting to the body. If you have never tried it, try listening to instrumental music and stay away from depressing and destressing lyrics for awhile. See how much better you feel. I know it is hard to change our lifestyles, but if you try to change just one thing, say the habit of listening to a certain song or even a radio station...just making a switch could be an eye-opening experience for you.

Instead of focusing on all the bad in your life, look at what you can find that is good. Doesn't this sound too corny or simple? It is. But it is also the truth. You can stop looking for more complicated answers. Come into harmony with what you have, relationships as well, and look for what is good in it. It is just as easy to focus on the good as it is the bad.

Treat people in a way that is honorable. Hold the door open for the elderly (they will thank you for it), tell your children they did a good job (no matter how small the job is), thank your boss for employing you (you will feel better for it, believe it or not), husbands love and help your wives and wives respect your husbands. Everyone deserves respect and kindness and you will be surprised at how people will react to you when you treat them respectfully.

Start small, if this is difficult for you to do. Smiling and asking someone how they are today and really meaning it and really listening to what their response is could be a beginning point.

If this is too hard for you, go to the library and pick up a book on manners. Good manners is becoming almost a lost art so I am sure the shelves will be full of them. If you have never read one, you will be enlightened to say the least. I personally feel that this is a course that needs to be taught at all levels of education. In many countries, good manners are taught from a very young age and it is not just saying please and thank you, it is a way of respecting others. In many societies it is believed that a well mannered individual is treated with more respect and so more apt to be successful in life.

You will see that when we treat people in a polite, concerned and respectful manner your whole world as well as theirs will's catching! Best of all, you will be reducing the acid in your system. Less acid means more alkaline and that is the name of the game when it comes to getting healthy and staying healthy. Get rid of the DIS-EASE and you might start to feel better!

DISCLAIMER - The information on this Weblog is provided for educational and informational purposes only. I am not a doctor and I am not attempting to prescribe, treat, or recommend and in no way is the information contained on this site intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation. The contents is based upon opinions of each respective author. The reader is encouraged to make their own health care decisions that can be based upon research and then partnering with their own health care professional. If you are ill please consult a qualified physician or appropriate health care provider.

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By Emjae Johnson - Can DIS-EASE cause ILLNESS?



2:30 AM  

I am so sorry to hear of this. Illness is very frightening.

As you may know from reading this blog, I am not a doctor, and so the only way that I can help you is encourage you to educate yourself about the chemicals (pharmaceuticals) that you are taking and their possible side-effects. There is another article on this site that you may want to read entitled Dangers of Coumadin and the Benefits of ASH - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
This may be a good start to help you see that there may be another way to combat illness. Please be sure to click on the link to see the photographs...the are astounding. Also, please click on the link at the bottom of the article and visit the website of Advanced Scientific Health.

On the left of their website page is information as to how you may listen in on a conference call for this group. MANY survivors of MANY different states of dis-ease join together to share what they are researching about health from a scientific viewpoint. I use to think my doctors were scientist but in fact I have come to learn that they are not as scientific as they would like to be as their hands appear to be tied by both the pharmaceutical industry and the medicial industry. I am not telling you to not trust your doctor, only to educate yourself enough to be able to partner with your doctor. If a doctor is unwilling to work with you then, if it were me, I would look for another doctor. There is too much information out there in studies and research books that is being applied by MANY people who are experiencing alot of benefits from this knowledge. Please, I encourage you to find out for yourself. Listen in on a conference call.

12:03 PM  

Hi, I almost died with a blood clot in my lung too after my whipple surgery for a rare cancer called GIST. The cancer was found late with the primary tumor being so large that it had filled my intestinal cavity (duodenum) and had actually perforated it causing me to have chills, nausea, vomiting and inability to pass anything since nothing was getting through.

I was diagnosed when i was 27 and am now 32. I was recently told I don't have much longer to live but I have a ten year old who needs me. There is only my 67 yr old dad that might be able to take care of him when I'm gone.

I was a vegetarian since childhood, recently I converted to veganism and mostly raw, but there is something missing, so since I heard of alkaline vs. acid diet, I have been trying to be alkaline.

Thanks for such a great site, I'm deriving lots of benefit from it, any additional info would be appreciated.

God bless you...


11:56 PM  

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