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Montel Williams talks about how he has suffered with 24 hour pain for the last six years and how after one Upper Cervical adjustment of the "Atlas Vertebrae" he experiences almost instantaneous relief. Watch Montel as he speaks from his heart about what he experienced from having an adjustment to the C1 vertebra that his own doctor referred him to have done.

Upper Cervical - Montel Williams

If you have been relieved of pain or other symptoms of illness and want to help get the word out to people who have never considered that a structural problem could mimic dis-ease, then visit
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Need to find an Qualified Upper Cervical Care Specialist in your area? Please refer to NUCCA Chiropractic: Can a Structural Problem "Mimic" Dis-ease? and click on the links at the bottom of the article.

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By Emjae Johnson - Video - Montel Williams After Upper Cervical Adjustment Gets Relief from 24 Hour Pain


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