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Lillian, shared her story not too long ago on one of the AID (Ask Insider Doctors & Scientists) Educational Conference Calls.

Lillian stated that a little over 2 years ago she had been taking Coumadin as prescribed by her doctor. One day, while on the Coumadin, she tripped and fell (not hard) onto her thick wall to wall carpeting in her home and injured her knee. Her knee swelled up very quickly and she could not walk because of the intense pain. She had to be taken to the hospital. There, she was hospitalized twice over a period of several days. She was diagnosed with a Hematoma which was a result of experiencing an injury while taking Coumadin, or Coumadin Hematoma.

Doctors Said Her Leg Would Never Be the Same as it Was

Lillian had the Coumadin Hematoma for over 2 years...the doctors told her that it most likely will never heal and that her leg would never be the same as it was before her fall. Her knee was always in pain and she even had to learn to carry her purse on the opposite side of her body from the Coumadin Hematoma as even brushing up against it was extremely painful for her.

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By Emjae Johnson - Dangers of Coumadin and the Benefits of AID - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!


I am experiencing occasional arrhythmia and one of my doctors wants to put me on coumadin, which I am resisting.

My main problem has been severe blood pressure spikes that are caused mostly by sensitivity to the positively charged ions pushed forward of weather fronts. When I breathe them in, my body goes into Fight of Flight Syndrome, accompanied by hyperactivity and blood pressure spikes up to 220/110. Two scholarly books have been written on the subject, but no information is available toward a cure. It is getting much worse as I age. I am also affected similarly by the full moon and hurricanes on either coast.

Any advice?

1:18 PM  

Leigh, as you know, I am not a doctor and I cannot prescribe reccomend or treat. I do however find your comment very interesting.

I have never heard of this, although I have heard of health being effected by the weather. The barometric pressure in combination with humdiity... in just about any combination, meaning high and low or both high or both low,etc. Anywhere from depression, to headache to heart arythmia to arthritis-- health conditons have been reported to increase during such weather conditions. Logically and deductively I would think that the oxygen in the atmosphere is being effected and that would very much effect any number of conditions that are pain or oxygen related. Our body needs oxygen and lots of it. Just a thought. It nevers hurts to take in more oxygen. Read some of the articles on this blog that are related to High pH. They may be of some help.

Also, I had a family member who also wanted to resist taking coumadin. There is a natural substance, Nattokinase, that many are using to clear the arteries/blood of fiborous tissue which may cause the blood to become thick.

You can read more about it in a response to a comment (about the 10th comment) that I recently posted at the bottom of the following article...

Leigh, I hope this was helpful to you in some way.

6:09 PM  

I have been on Coumadin for almost 8 years now and have had a sub-dural hematoma in my head and there has been no doctor tell me that I should be off coumadin, even after that. My INR ranges from 2.0 to 2.5, I also have anti lipid phrousphate antibody protein, which totally confuses the team of Doctors, but I am still on coumadin.

6:55 PM  

My mother-in-law was put on coumadin after a heart attack and remained on it for several years. However, she began to lose weight and the Dr. didn't adjust her dosage. She began to have confusion that the Dr attributed to early Alzheimer's (no tests) and given Prozac, which lowered her weight even more. She began to experience occasional bumps & falls which resulted in MASSIVE bruises extending the entire length of her arm (or leg, whatever was bumped), but the Dr only said "you need to pick up your feet". Finally she fell when I was there; I felt her pulse & it was VERY slow, weak & irregular. Called an ambulance, took her in, and the nurses & Emergency Room Dr immediately said "it's the coumadin!". The next night, she couldn't get the attention of the nurses to take her to the toilet, so she went by herself, fell and bumped her head - which she told the nurses, showed them the lump on her head, but they disregarded it as nothing. 24 hours later she was groggy & confused -- you guessed it! Massive bleeding on the brain! First surgery didn't get it all, she went in for another surgery, and was a vegetable thereafter. From being a sharp, feisty, playful woman to vegetable .. and six month later, dead. Thanks to coumadin

5:07 PM  

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