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Research that is "undisputed" is evidence that is accepted as truth. Have you ever wondered why undisputed scientific research that was excellent enough to be awarded the NOBEL Prize has never been used, even ignored by the medical industry?

Cause of Cancer Discovered Over 70 Years Ago

Cancer is now the number one killer among all diseases in the U.S. Experts tell us that 1 in 3 will get some form of cancer. The medical industry has little to offer the cancer patient in the way of effective treatments, in fact, they have been offering the same three treatments for more than 40 years, chemotherapy, radiation and surgical removal.

Even so, rarely will you hear a doctor reveal to their patients the truth about cancer treatment survival rates. They most likely will not do so because they are so very low. The National Cancer Institute has stated that the survival rate for Chemotherapy is less than 5.9% and Radiation treatments less than 12.8%. These are startling statistics but yet, generally, no other treatments are offered to the Cancer patient. I cannot speak for anyone else but when I went to school less that 13% was considered a failing grade!

It is a fact that over 75 years ago, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the cause of Cancer was due to a lack of oxygen at the cellular level causing a low pH (acidity) at the cellular level and was awarded the NOBEL prize TWICE for his research. It seems logical that if this research is true, that our pH, or oxygen level, should be tested on a regular basis by our medical professionals. If keeping a high oxygen level in our bodies will help keep cancer from forming in our bodies why are we not being educated by the medical industry to do so? It would truly only be a matter of some dietary changes and lifestyle recommendations. It is hard to say what the benefit is to not informing the public of this research.

Addtionally, two more scientific minds, Dr. Keith Brewer and H.E. Sartori, built upon the research of Dr. Otto Warburg and found that raising a cell's oxygen or pH to 8.0 creates an environment that a cancer cell cannot survive in. In other words, a cancer cell thrives in an arena of low oxygen, sort of like the carp that live in polluted ponds. Once the cell's oxygen is raised the cancer cell does not feel at home anymore to the point that it dies. It seems that the answer to surviving cancer is to raise your body's pH, or oxygen level.

[It should be stated here that H.E. Sartori was imprisoned for twenty-five years for claiming he had a cure for cancer. He now resides overseas and continues his research on cancer.]

Mineral Ascorbates: Effect on Heart Disease and Diabetes

Dr. Linus Pauling, another NOBEL Prize winner, discovered that the human body needs ascorbates and no longer produces its own (nutrients which cost only pennies a day to use.) These ascorbates are essential for healing and restoring our connective tissue, that would be the glue that holds us together. Without ascorbates you could say we are pretty much all falling apart.

Further, Dr. Linus Pauling with the help of Dr. Mathias Rath discovered that only 3 grams a day of mineral ascorbates were sufficient to prevent heart disease, the #2 killer.

Ascorbates have been shown to help diabetes. At the famous Stanford University Med School in California, diabetic Dr. Dice found that by taking ascorbates on a regular basis he could reduce his requirement for insulin by 2.5 units for each additional gram of ascorbate he took . By the 23rd day of this regimen he was taking 11 grams of ascorbates daily and his insulin requirement had dropped from 32 units to only 5 units per day.

Spread of All Viruses & Arteriocleroctic Build-up Halted with Addition of Two Amino Acids

Doctors Rath and Pauling also expanded on the work of other Nobelists, Brown and Goldstein for yet another solution - that two amino acids, L-Lysine and L-Proline taken with mineral ascorbates prevents the arterioclerotic build-up and even reverse it. There is nothing else know to man that will do this.

Dr. Rath's research further revealed that once the body stores 1.1 pounds of these aminos per 150 pounds body weight, NO DISEASE will spread through the body. That means it can stop the spread of virus. This protocol was used for HIV research and it proved just that. It stopped the spread of HIV as well as any other viruses, in fact all viruses.

Why Information Has Been Withheld

Have you been wondering why you have never been told about this valuable information and research that concerns your health? Perhaps the answer can be found in the words of Dr. Otto Warburg as he addressed the Nobel Laureates on June 30, 1966 at Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany....

"Nobody today can say that one does not know what the prime cause of cancer is. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse for avoiding measures for prevention. That the prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men and women must die of cancer unnecessarily".

Above Excerpt Taken from:
The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer
Dr. Otto Warburg
Lecture delivered to Nobel Laureates on June 30, 1966
at Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany

Learn about the health benefits of raising your body's pH and mineral ascorbates for your heart health and much more by going to the following websites: - Testimonials and lots of information on Neil Deoul's he did it and how he said it worked. - Dr. Mathias Rath and his scientific research regarding lysine & proline and their effect on diseases including cancer. - The research done on ozone and cesium by Dr. H.E. Sartori. Five reports total in a PDF format. - Research of Dr. Keith Brewer on Cancer, cesium, pain, potassium and more. - Information on the works of Dr. Fred Klenner and Linus Pauling's Research on Vitamin C and the importance of ascorbates and how they function. Very extensive and informational site. - Lecture excerpts as presented by Otto Warburg, two time Nobel Prize Winner, on "The Cause and Prevention of Cancer".


Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Broody ***** (approx. $15.00 at

The Ph Miracle by Robert O' Young and Shelley Redford Young ***** (approx $12.00 at

Rx Foods by Dr. Stephen Pratt ***** (approx. $15.00)

There are many more books on this subject but these I have received personal recommends for. A good place to start.

MISCELLANEOUS - Article on Ph Testing with Urine and Saliva.

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DISCLAIMER - I am not a doctor and I am not allowed give medical advice. The Law Prohibits me from doing this. I consider myself to be a researcher. Please understand that since I am not a medical doctor I cannot and will not attempt to treat, prescribe or recommend. However, I can share with others what I believe the components in particular products have done for me by my own experience and the re- telling of the experiences that others have had - this is the way we learn. I am a member of Advanced Scientific Health and do my best to share scientific research that I have been made aware of through their efforts... and I also greatly encourage you to do your own research as well. If you are ill please see a health professional of your choice.

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By Emjae Johnson - Healing News: Scientific Research Ignored By The Medical Industry Still Remains Undisputed


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Eating foods with a high alkalinity is good for you. But people still want to eat acidic food.

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