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This morning I was doing some research on the Internet and I ran across a great book. I have read the preview (bottom of page) and these authors are very informed. There is so much conflicting information concerning the validity of research and studies that it has become increasingly more difficult to make an educated decision concerning our own health management. These authors have very carefully cleared up the mis-information that has been put out into the mainstream media concerning Ascorbate (Vitamin C) and more...

Here is the title of the book and description.

by Steve Hickey, Hilary Roberts

The relationship between vitamin C and health is controversial. Double Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, argued that ascorbate could prevent or cure heart disease, stroke, cancer and infections. Conventional experts disagreed, disparaging supplements in favour of fruits and vegetables. This book presents a new model, describing the action of vitamin C in health and disease. It demonstrates conclusively that the establishment has misinterpreted the evidence, potentially resulting in epidemic levels of avoidable disease. The dynamic flow model explains the current results and points the way for future experiments.
Vitamin C supplementation could eradicate many diseases. In pharmacological doses, it could cure the major killers of the industrialized world. Failure to test these ideas may condemn countless people to chronic illness and premature death.

This book is $28.72 (or just $6.00 if purchased as an Ebook) at . Just type "ascorbate" in the search box.

This is an excellent book for those not yet convinced of the overwhelming evidence of health benefits from Ascorbates.

Buffered Mineral Ascorbate and free health videos are available through:

"Scientific Information that You May Not Be Able to Live Without"

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By Emjae Johnson -Ascorbate Resource


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