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Multiple Scerlosis (MS) Victim - Now a Survivor. There is still hope without drugs.

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In 1991, Vickie B., was a 35-year-old district manager for the Oregon Department of Health and Welfare. Suffering with headaches, (really only a minor annoyance) she went to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed pain pills for her headache.
Headache - TMJ - Sinusitis - Chronic Fatique - Fibromyalgia... and of course, Pills, Pills and MORE PILLS...
The headaches went away but other problems began to surface within the next 12 months. During this time she was diagnosed with TMJ, sinusitis and even depression. She was given more pills for those symptoms. The next year, her doctor told her that she now suffered from "chronic fatigue" and prescribed more pills. By 1993 another term was added her list of ailments - "Fibromyalgia" and of course more pills for the Fibromyalgia...
"You have Multiple Sclerosis and only three to five years to live"...Durin
year, her doctor told her that she now suffered from "chronic fatigue"
The following year brought a new round of symptoms and extensive testing with nuclear medicine, injections, magnetic waves and, of course, new prescriptions for more drugs. It was in 1994 that Vickie was diagnosed with "Multiple Sclerosis (MS)" and added to this her doctor told her she had 3 to 5 years left to live because the disease was advancing so fast.

Vickie, who was the mother of five young children, made the decision that there had to be a better solution than 3 to 5 years of more suffering and an early death and leaving her 5 children orphaned (Vickie was a widow at this time). The very first thing she did was to stop all the drugs she had been taking through her doctors and this in itself helped to relieve some of her suffering -- but it was only the beginning.
now suffered from "chronic fatigue"
Vickie Discovered a Wonderful Mentor...
Next, Vickie chose the journey for her own survival and began researching and discovering and even re-learning how the human body works...she also discovered a wonderful mentor: Barney Folger...the founder of AID. (Co-incidences are God's way of remaining anonymous).

Her research led her to realize that all diseases are merely different levels or degrees of degeneration of the body caused by elemental deficiencies which compromise the body's ability to repair and regenerate at the cellular level.

Through her new found education on how the body works at the cellular level she decided to start on the AID products. Vickie, who was for the most part bed-ridden from the MS slowly began to feel better. She had not been able to lift even a gallon of milk (8lbs) and needed assistance to her muscles were gaining strength, a little everyday.
Vickie Today: Alive and Vibrant and Loves Being a Grandma!

Today, Vickie leads a completely normal lifestyle, works a full day (plus some) in her own business. She shares with others freely about how she was given a whole new life through AID's education efforts and product resources. She is also still around to mutually enjoy the company of her children AND her grandchildren...some of whom she would have never met had she not made the decision to take responsiblity for her own healthcare management. This is truly a wonderful ending to the story of someone who was told she was going to die in just a few short years.

Vickie is an incredibly enthusiastic AID member and you can often hear her speak about the AID research and what it has done for her on the AID conference calls. The calls are free to listen in on but be prepared and ready to face the facts of what you have heard at the end of the may save your life.

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--- 49 Year Old Mother of Five --- Now a SURVIVOR of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ---


Oh yes.

This story is so familiar for me - I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 1996.

Again - orthodox "treatment" (in reality it was medication) with lots of
so-called "MS drugs" worsened my overall situation significantly. I described my
situation in article of my web site.

Most important - I manage to live with completely no MS symptoms for over 10 years, using no drugs at all. I am slowly, but surely recovering. That's fine -
life is too nice to spend it looking through the window.

Thanks a lot for so beautiful story. Again - all your site is nice and very informative.

To health and wellness -

Dr. Czes Kulvis

2:51 AM  

Hello Dr. Kulvis,

I have visited the link you posted and yours is a very compelling story! Thank you for posting it so that others can read your story.

As I read what you posted, it came to my mind to mention to you something that I have been studying for such a long time, but could not put it together until just recently. I have not yet posted an article about it, but will give you a brief summary for you to investigate for yourself. I know from the way you spoke in your article that you have a very positive mindset. If you have not examined the work of Bruce Lipton Ph.D, then I encourage you to do so. There are several videos of a lecture that he gave to other Doctors that are posted up on . His work, in short, has uncovered that the fact that the cells are influenced by what goes on outside of them, not through a genetic code as was previously believed to be the correct science. These influences include our perceptions and beliefs. He shows that our beliefs, true or false, positive or negative, affect genetic activity and actually alter our genetic code. His book, The Biology of Belief is available at or wherever books are sold.

Additionally Doctor, along this same line, I came across and have experienced something called "The Healing Codes". This is not something paranormal or wishful or positive thinking like with "The Secret" and other methods like this. This system is a simple system to clear out the wrong beliefs that can effect our health. Thoughts such as I am not good enough, smart enough, young enough, I hurt, someone hurt me, I cannot forgive others, I cannot forgive myself, I am a loser...and the list goes on. It is not necessary to even believe that this system works just does work when you do it regularly. This is why this method is so remarkable. It is incredible to me how much our thoughts weaken our immune system and contribute to our internal toxic overload even more than poor eating habits and poor lifestyle choices. I had been at a standstill pretty much with my healing until I came across The Healing Codes and Dr. Bruce Lipton. I now have had marked improvement not only in my health, but in my life overall. So here is the principle that I have is not what we put into our bodies that heals is what we take OUT of it that allows our body to heal itself. This includes toxic chemicals, putrid food AND toxic thoughts which form self created toxic reactions within our body. I am not a Ph.D. or a Medical Doctor...I am just a "Hey There". But I can say that what I have stated here, although it seems too simplistic, I believe it is something that I think many have overlooked. ( I am not just talking about an intestinal cleanse... but a clearing out at all levels )

I am so glad to hear that the articles on my site were of use to you. Blogging and writing on the web is so much a labor of love. It is good to know that it is of help to others -- this is a great encouragement to me.

Another thought has come to mind as I close is this comment about an article that was written in 2004 by an Alternative Doctor that is a leader in researching alternative healing methods. This article is targeted towards Lyme's Disease, but this disease, as the article states, mimics hundreds of other autoimmune diseases. The tests, as he explains, often fail to test a positive and he explains why. Here is the article site...
"The Great Imposter"

The product he speaks of at the end of the article is a special form of Cat's Claw, not all Cat's Claw is the same. I can say, in the beginning of my illness, I used Cat's Claw with great results, but after only a few weeks it wore off. Years later after reading this article I see was not as effective as the TOA Free Cat's Claw Extract as produced my Samento.

Here are more research and studies on the effectiveness of TOA Free Cat's Claw on other autoimmune diseases:
"Research and Studies: TOA Free Cat's Claw and Autoimmune Disease"

This product is available at several sources over the Internet for as low as $35 USD.

In tandem with the above, there is new probiotic known as paradopholis sold under the name of Living Streams. This is a stellar product reported to be effective in killing off harmful bacteria that is buried deep with the system. There is an ND whose contact information is on the site. He is very informative and helpful about the usefulness of this product.

Thank you again for your comments and I hope some of this other information is of help to you and others.


11:21 PM  

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