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Have you ever heard of a cardiologist that said to his patient, "I know exactly what you're going through - I used to have heart disease just like you but not anymore...I finally licked the problem!"

If this sounds a little absurd to you, why should it? Doesn't it seem reasonable that a cardiologist should be able to fix or at least prevent the advancement of his own (or anybody's) heart problem?

In 1997, Barney Folger, a 57 year old heart patient, started asking himself a lot of questions like these as he sat all night in a hospital room waiting for his 4th heart surgery which was scheduled for early the following morning. Unsettled inside about having to have yet another surgery for the same problem wondering - when does this problem get fixed?

" If You Boys Worked for Me I'd Fire You Because of Your Lack of Results."

The morning came and his cardiologist and other medical professionals came into his room to see him before surgery. After a long night of wrestling with his thoughts Mr. Folger said, " If you boys worked for me I'd fire you because of your lack of results." After a few seconds of pondering what he had just said he added, "You DO work for me - YOUR FIRED!"

His doctors stood there "jack-jawed" as Mr. Folger proceeded to pack-up and check himself out of the hospital (which was not an easy thing to do). After much red-tape he was finally released. The reality set in that he still had the heart problem and he now had painted himself into a corner - now he needed to find a way out of it.

This was the beginning of Mr. Folger's journey to a new life and the conception stage of what is now known as ASK INSIDER DOCTORS & SCIENTISTS (AID).

Are you wondering if Mr. Folger was ever able to find an answer to his heart problem?

Well, it is now 8 years later and he has never had another surgery, he takes no medication, he plays a vigorous game of tennis 2 or 3 times a week, resumed golfing, lifts weights and frequently works 10-12 hour days. So I guess the answer is YES!

Mr. Folger often shares the information he has gathered from his research in a tele-conferencing environment. To find out the details of the conference call schedule click HERE.

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By Emjae Johnson - HEART DISEASE SURVIVOR'S STORY: Before The New Phoenix There Was AID

DISCLAIMER - I am not a doctor and I am not allowed give medical advice. The Law Prohibits me from doing this. I consider myself to be a researcher. Please understand that since I am not a medical doctor I cannot and will not attempt to treat, prescribe or recommend. However, I can share with others what I believe the products have done for me by my own experience and the re- telling of the experiences that others have had - this is the way we learn. I also can share scientific research and I do, and I also greatly encourage you to do your own research as well. If you are ill please see a doctor.


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