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I recently wrote an article about a website in Italy which contains much research about Vitamin C (a.k.a ascorbic acid and/or buffered mineral ascorbates.) Since that time I have been communicating with the author of that site through email who is not only an incredible researcher but a very talented artist named Rocco Manzi (

Rocco is a very expressive artist who puts his very own heart into his paintings which are displayed throughout Europe. The reason Rocco and his talents have come up on this weblog is that Rocco has not only studied the research about Vitamin C...he wants to tell the world about the truth that he now knows. So much does he feel the world should know the truth that he has dedicated a series of paintings to "Vitamin C" and to the incredibly devoted scientists who have spent their entire lives researching it and bringing it out into the light for everyone to examine and decide for themselves.

Above and below is a small preview of Rocco Manzi's passion and excitement through his paintings about Vitamin C...

Rocco's website not only displays his other paintings, he also has very excellent links to research articles that are related to Vitamin C and the Scientists who have been involved in its research--- it is well worth the visit. His site is written in Italian so you may want to use a translator such as or or Google Language Tools to translate the site. Below is the link to the main webpage of Rocco Manzi..."The Vitamin C Artist."

In addtion to Rocco's "Vitamin C" Series of paintings he has another series of works entitled "Impulses of Life" which are beautiful and intriguing to view both in the daytime and at night. "You should know that a lot of my works are realized with fluorescent colors, they are illuminated with a lamp of ultraviolet rays which changes the vision of the artistic work", explains Rocco. He further states, "I think that my artistic works... " Impulses Of Life "... not only lives in the daylight but also in the mysterious light of the night, in the sense that they always exist even if we are in the dark, their artistic message Wins the obscurity of the Lost Knowledge as it is said by the great one"LINUS PAULING."

Click Here to View a Sample Display of Rocco Manzi's Illuminated Expressions from his "Impulses of Life" Series.

Click Here to See a Large Selection of Rocco Manzi's Work

Have you been in the dark about the information that Linus Pauling and others have brought to the world concerning Vitamin C? Illuminate your mind just as Rocco Manzi Illuminates his artwork. Read, study and research the knowledge that is no longer a secret concerning how our bodies work and what it needs at the cellular level, so that we can enjoy living a long and productive disease free life.
What these Great Scientists brought to us is a Gift of God and it can no longer be kept is now out in plain view for all of us to discover for ourselves.

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Visit "Ask Insider Doctors & Scientists (AID)" and hear about more research (such as spoken of in this article). Hear from other the people who have applied this previously "hidden" research to their own Health Management Regimen. You are never alone as we are all in this together. Click on the link below to read more information and to view health videos.

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"Scientific Information That You May Not Be Able to Live Without"

Images in this article are reproduced at the written permission of the Artist. Further reproduction of these images is strictly forbidden by law.

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By Emjae Johnson - Rocco Manzi - "The Vitamin C Artist" Expresses His Passion about Vitamin C


These paintings are beautiful and speak to so many. Even though the message is scientific truth, it is a spiritual message for the masses as well. The doctors are not the healers, but it is what God naturally provided for us, since the beginning of time, that is the true healer. I thank the artist, Rocco Manzi, for creating and sharing these works of art...and thank you Linus Pauling for your un-selfish contribution to humanity.

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Thank you very much, now you can see also on my blog here...your link

Thanks, Rocco - The Vitamin C Artist

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ciaoooooooo see on my home page i put your link about your article have happy new year Rocco

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