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Some friends of mine have been shopping around at their local health food stores and Gourmet shops for Natural Sea Salt after reading my article High Mineral Sea Salt - One of God's Gifts . I never thought that purchasing this type of salt would be that difficult but apparently, at the local level, it is not that easy to obtain at a reasonable price. So, I decided to roll up my sleeves and see what I could find on the Internet for them.

I have always purchased mine from the Internet and really have never had a problem but some companies I would say are better than others. Although these are not ALL the sources on the Internet for this type of salt, they're among the best, in my opinion and not so over-priced.

I have found that whenever anything has healing or curative properties, there are many who will mark the price up very high because of the demand. Still others with try to produce a cheap imitation of the product. This I think is even worse because consumers will purchase an imitation product thinking that it is "just as good" and when they do not have any success with it then it is "POO-PAAHD" as just another one of those natural remedies that don't work. This gives alternative healing methods a very bad name.

Funny, when you purchase a pharmaceutical and it is not the original brand they tell you that it is a generic. They do so because it may not be "as good" --- the same is true with alternative healing products and remedies... the generics may not be "as good".

So, when you shop around for a product I recommend you try the leader or original product first -- the one that may have the highest price but they were also the company that came out with or discovered the product. Once you try the original and see how it works then try to experiment by trying the imitations or generics. I think you will find that most of the time you will go back to the original product, regardless of the price. I find this to be true so often that sometimes I will no longer even try alternate products. Even though using alternative methods and remedies can be less expensive than pharacuticals, it still can pay to do a little comparison shopping.

So, here is the list of the websites I found:

Organic Grey Sea Salt - by Le Tresor - Available at Saltworks

This is certified organic salt harvested in the true celtic methods from France. This company ships fast and also sells in bulk. The Organic Grey Sea Salt - by Le Tresor (coarse grind) is available in approx. one pound pouches (about $9.00 ea.) or 12 pouches for about $5.50 each. They have a very large selection of natural sea salts.

ShopNatural - natural and organic products direct to you! On this site's search box enter "natural sea salt" (without the quote marks) and you will find REAL SALT. This is a brand name. You may be able to find this salt at a local level but the price may not be as low. REAL SALT is from the salt mines in Utah and has about 50 trace minerals, including iodide. This salt flows like table salt, but the taste is so much more mild. Available in a 26oz pouches for around $4.00. It is also available in bulk of 25lbs.

(Original Brand Name) Celtic Sea Salt® - Available at Dowsers This link will take you directly to this site's Sea Salt page. Coarse 1lb bag is approx. $6.50. This is the genuine celtic sea salt and I would have to say they have the best price for this original brand name product that I have found anywhere.

Celtic Gray Sea Salt from Bulk Foods This link will take you right to the page for this salt as this site is very large. I recently purchased a 5lb bag of coarse ground from them for a little over $18.00 including shipping. So far I really like it! There was some confusion as the label said "this product does not contain iodide" and sea salt (if it is natural) does contain trace amounts of iodide. However, I called them and they were very nice. I believe the confusion is from the wholesaler as the wholesaler only listed the main list of minerals (about 5 or 6) on their label and never mentioned any of the trace minerals. This company ships fast!

If you would like to know more about natural sea salt and water and alternative healing methods being brought about by the use of these two natural products, please visit Water Cure and Water Cure 2. Water Cure 2 is a site whose creator was so thankful for the healing he received from this simple protocol that he created this site to share what he learned from Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water, You're Not Sick Your Thirsty, Water Rx for a Healthier Pain-free Life and several more on this same topic.

DISCLAIMER - The information on this Weblog is provided for educational and informational purposes only. I am not a doctor and I am not attempting to prescribe, treat, or recommend and in no way is the information contained on this site intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation. The contents is based upon opinions of each respective author. The reader is encouraged to make their own health care decisions that can be based upon research and then partnering with their own health care professional. If you are ill please consult a qualified physician or appropriate health care provider

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By Emjae Johnson - Healing Minerals - More on Natural Sea Salts as a Source of Minerals - Where to Buy


HI, I really love the information you offer. I just wanted to share another website that offers Natural Himalayan sea salt.

2:16 PM  

I also have a Brita water pitcher. I am planning to add sea salt to the water after it has filtered. Since the filter is sometimes submerged in the water will it remove the minerals from the added salt. I am wondering if I should transfer the filtered water into another container before adding the sea salt.


9:32 PM  

Hello Cathy~

I think with the Brita that the water is intended to be put into another container after it has been filtered...I could be wrong...but I have always transferred it. I would add the sea salt once it is in the other container.


9:49 AM  

Hello anyone heard of Adya clarity liquid water purification system, allegedly it is bases on biotite and activates oxygen in water, would thus remove the good salts?

2:22 AM  

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