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Cancer is a fungus according to the prominent Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini. Take a few moments to watch part one of this video, Cancer is Fungus. Dr. Simoncini talks about cancer being a fungus and also explains how he is successfully treating cancer by raising the pH of the body. Further investigation of Dr. Tullio Simoncicni's method of treatment is successful with many cancers but he is still researching. Click on link below to watch Cancer is Fungus

Cancer is Fungus Video - Part 1 of 2

Dr Simoncini takes us inside the body to examine different types of cancers and how they appear before treatment and after treatment of raising body pH to create an alkaline environment where cancer does not thrive. He comments on the color of the actual cancer tumors and how that compares to the appearance of fungus.

Cancer is Fungus Video - Part 2 of 2
In part 2 of Cancer is a Fungus, Dr. Simoncini further explains his theory and reveals more of his research. This respected oncologist shares his heart with regard to many suffering children that he has watched die of cancer, needlessly. His heart was broken for these children and explains how God enabled him to perceive that cancer was fungus and could easily be treated through raising the pH of the body and he explains partially of what he does. His method, although to date has been very successful, is still being researched for all different types of cancers.

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By Emjae Johnson -

CANCER IS FUNGUS - Dr. Tullio Simoncini Exposes His Research About Cancer Being a Fungus?


Hello Emjae,

I'm having trouble trusting which alkaline chart to use, they all give me different results and it's making me depressed.
Greathealth I believe is a site from you.
Here they are

Which charts should I trust?
Please help.

Thank you

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