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It is impossible to NATURALLY cleanse CLOGGED ARTERIES – True or False?


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By Emjae Johnson -It is impossible to cleanse CLOGGED ARTERIES –
True or False?


I don't see an email anywhere here but I wanted to ask you about the different alkaline food charts, this is making me quite nervous to believe which chart is actually correct. Since I'm a psoriasis user I'd like to know which of these charts has it all correct, could you assist me?

Watermelon for example ranks extremely high on the essense of life website buy on the alkalinediet website it's catagorized as a acidic food.
There are many other irregularities
like the watermelon. So I'm wondering which of these food charts is actually the better one.

Thank you

6:15 AM  

Hello James,
Thank you for the comment. Here are my thoughts.

I have seen these charts but I think the best of all the charts is at:
refer to the article on this blog entitled :

( you can find it by looking down the left side of the screen)

Yes, I have to agree with you about the discrepancies. I also
looked into this a while ago to see if I could find out a clear
cut answer. Here is the best explanation that I can offer based
on what I read.

pH of a food can really only be measured after it goes into the
stomach. Foods that test prior to digestion to can have a high acid
content...such as lemons...but actually end up being ALKALINE
FORMING once they hit the digestive tract.

If you read very closely on the charts at Great Health 247, they
list Acid and Alkaline foods, but then they also list Acid and
Alkaline FORMING foods. Watermelon is, for certain, one of the
highest alkaline FORMING foods along with many others. At first
glance these charts seem to be repetitive, but each section is
slightly different. Also, read the information at the top of the
charts at the Great Health 247 site.

I would think that your concern is to whether or not watermelon...
or whatever beneficial to eat to raise the body's pH.
I can tell you that, even in testing the foods, if they were not
properly washed before testing, or not at the same stage of
ripeness, the pH measurement would not be the same. Toxins
may exist from pesticide residues, which are acidic, and peak
ripened fruits will have a higher pH...lower if over ripe or under-ripe.

Are you really confused now? Wait James, I am not finished yet..

So even with all of these variables in the testing...over and above
any of these charts...consider what your mental state is when you
eat. This is more important than any chart. We can take a perfectly
high alkaline fruit or veggie and have it turn acid forming in our
system because of our own thoughts!!!! If we are under stress or
worrying or angry at the time of a meal then most everything we eat will be acid forming.

Please use the link at the bottom of Great Health 247 to go to the
article on pH and emotions and you will read more in depth about this.
Here is the direct link to the article;

Also, please research or read " The Biology of Belief" by Bruce
Lipton, PhD, for more science on these issues of how what
we think effects our state of health or ability to heal or to become sick
in the first place. You can also
go to and view
some lecture videos by Bruce Lipton on this same topic.

So have I created more confusion? I hope not. It really boils down to
testing your own pH to see how you are measuring up. We can eat
all of the alkaline forming foods we like, but if we are in
turmoil in our thoughts at dinner time, then we battle against ourselves.

I believe that praying or giving thanks before a meal puts our minds
in a state of calmness and harmony, making our bodies ready to receive food. I
think this is a good
thing to do, but we each
must look inside of ourselves to find answers.

These food charts are intended only as a guide for making better food choices.

Also, you may want to explore Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques,
or NAET for short. Devi Nambudripad has made many advances in her technique
for eliminating allergies. It is all based on the fact that MANY allergies are
developed emotionally---meaning, we can develop allergies when our state of
mind at the time of eating particular foods was under stress. She states that
our body, while digesting food starts to battle with the brain. The brain, because
of the negative thoughts, thinks the body is under some type of attack and so
starts to defend it self against the food we just ingested. Many abused women
and children suffer from multiple allergies. Based on what Devi teaches, this
may be because the dinner table is not always a happy place in dysfunctional

I understand you stated that you had psoriasis...but sometimes I have had in my own
experience that a health condition is an allergy. I use to
think allergy was only sneezing,watery eyes, cough...maybe a rash -- but this is not so.
There are MANY symptoms for allergy and it may be
something that you are coming in contact with that is causing a skin problem. Just a thought.

As a side note on NAET...I was not a believer in this technique. I suffered with
over 40+++ food allergies...there was almost nothing that I could eat. I was very ill
even though I avoided my known allergens that the doctors had told me about.
As time went on, a naturopathic doctor that I was going to became interested in NAET and asked
if I would be a guinea pig for no
cost to me. I jokingly agreed, but thought it was all too hokey. James, I can tell
you that it was after the fourth treatment that I realized this was not quackery.
Slowly, without any medication or other treatment methods, I was able to once
again eat foods that previously gave me immediate and uncomfortable reactions
and had been for years. I am no longer allergic to any foods. This to me is a
miracle. You may be wondering how could I develop so many allergies. I did
have a tumultuous youth and my profession was extremely stressful. I have since changed
professions and have put my past behind me...where it belongs.

James, I hope some of this information (even though it may seem slightly off topic) is of some help to you.


3:02 PM  

Many Thanks!

1.When I check the pink table, category
"ACIDIFYING FATS & OILS" and I look at Flax Oil I see it listed as acidifying but when I scroll down to the "More Ranked Foods: Alkaline to Acidic" TABLE, I see flax oil listed under "Very Low Alkaline Forming Foods ", so is this an example of what you described when it enters the body it is acid but when the conversion happens it becomes alkaline?

2.What do you think of supergreens?
I'm currently drinking that of

3. Where is your email posted on your blog?, perhaps for possible additional future questions :)

4. Btw, I always thought potatoes were actually acidic, once they go into the body, the carbohydrates turn into sugar, this sugar gets turned into acid, was I wrong?

5. What about the green and red pepper, don't they belong to the Night Shade family and are actually

6. Those Alkalizing minerals, is that something you can buy in the local diet store?

7.When you scroll down to the "Alkaline (pH) to Acidic (pH)
Emotions TABLE", in "Moderate Alkaline - pH 7.5 to 8.0" Flour is mentioned, but when you look on the right in "Extremely Acid
Forming Foods -
pH 5.0 to 5.5" Flour (white, wheat)is mentioned there too, what am I not understanding in this case?

Damn, looking at those highly forming acid foods you start to realize that's what I and my family have been eating our whole lives, same for all the other people that I know, such a shame that we don't know any better until something happens to our body.

Thank you

7:38 AM  

Hello James!
Please visit this new forum to contact me. I no longer put my email contact on the blog because of an overload of spam advertising. :-(

You have many great questions.

1. Here "low alkaline forming" can be way to close to acidifying. It is not clear if the oil that they are speaking of is cold pressed, organic, additives...see how many variables? It is just a guide. Also, flax "seed" can be acid forming because humans cannot digest flax seeds...only the oil. Flax seeds need to be soaked in water over night and then crushed or ground just before using for them to be digested by humans. Many people are unaware of this.

2. I do not know of this product so I cannot comment.

3. Visit the new Evidence of Healing Forum to contact me through the forum. If you join, you might be the first to do so!

4.White Sugar, or should I say "added" sugar, is generally what is acidic. It is the minerals that are alkaline. Cesium is the most alkaline mineral and potassium is the second highest (I believe is correct). This should help you in your search for alkaline foods. As far as potatoes -- they are high in potassium and thus considered alkaline.

5. Green pepper,(or really pepper family --paprika,cayenne,chiles,etc) white potatoes,squash, and tomatoes are all part of the nightshade family...tobacco too! The nightshades can have a negative effect on many who have arthritic conditions, but this has nothing to do with alkalinity. In fact, cayenne, paprika, crushed red pepper, and powdered chili are all spices. All spices and herbs are considered alkaline so spice up you food with herbs and spices!

6. Alkalizing Minerals might be at your local health food store, or online. James, read the article
"High Mineral Sea Salt - One of God's Gifts"
and here you will find a simple way to alkalize using high mineral sea salt. Remember it is in all in the minerals!

Do remember this lists are to be used as guides. The most important thing you can do is take control of your thoughts. Please seriously read the book "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton, PhD.

James, I hope this was of some help to you.


5:42 PM  

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